How to Succeed in a Coding Bootcamp

Learning to code can be a challenge

There are advocates and naysayers who develop increasingly strong opinions on whether coding bootcamps are effective. Advocates tout benefits such as accelerated learning of relevant technologies, low cost, accessibility, and flexibility. These benefits give inspiring Coders the ability to learn quickly and gain employment sooner, all while paying less than the cost of traditional learning. Naysayers, on the other hand, cite non-traditional learning methods and a lack of government oversight as areas of concern. While both sides of this debate can be correct, there is a strategy for succeeding in a coding program like Code Ninja's.

Create a dedicated workspace, and make it awesome!

A dedicated workspace does not require a huge amount of cash. As an inspiring Code Ninja you’ll learn from home most of the time. You must find a space that’s quiet, clean, and allows for ergonomic amenities. You can find high-quality furniture at IKEA, or buy used from a site like Craigslist. Consider using a standing desk, or treat yourself to an ergonomic keyboard. Better yet, you can buy a sitting desk and create a standing desk, so you can stand or sit.

After your setup is done, build the rest of the are around them. Hang pictures or inspirational wording and buy a small bookshelf to fill with books. Save your cash for the most expensive stuff, like a laptop and extra monitors. It’s essential that you have a good laptop, and I recommend splurging on a good monitor or two. You’ll need to have multiple windows open from time to time, and a large monitor provides the screen size to do this.

Finally, if you live with others, ask them to respect your space. A clean, organized, and comfortable space will set you on the right path for succeeding in our coding programs.

Immerse yourself

When you take an in-person program, immersion in the topic is a given. You’re physically near your fellow Code Ninjas which means that you’re likely to discuss the program and share information. As an online student, immersion is not necessarily a given – you have to make the effort. Your program will probably have a community – forums, chat rooms and email lists – and while those are good places to chat, you can not stop there. Subscribe to blogs and webinars and find people to follow on Twitter. Get to know the lingo, and some of its key features. Check out Stack Overflow and see what problems people face and how they are solving them. It doesn’t matter if you understand everything immediately, it’s important to become comfortable with a the “language” you’re learning. A few extra steps go a long way.

Code Everyday

Immersion programs impose a routine of coding because you have to go to a single location at specific times. No matter what type of program you are taking, you have to create a routine. Without a consistent and disciplined routine of coding, you will not succeed in learning and growing. Whether you spend 30 minutes or 4 hours coding, you must code every single day. Develop a habit for yourself. How long it takes to form a habit depends on the individual, but you’ll know once you develop it because it will feel wrong not to code. Make sure that your coding time is scheduled when you are at your mental best, and not when you’re tired or easily distracted. Find a method that helps you get into a focused zone, and make sure you schedule your coding time around it.

Find Peer Groups

The fact that you have a classroom does not mean you should avoid other people. An online program offers less benefits over an in-person program, and interactions are something it can not offer. Fortunately, there are many options for meeting your peers.

For example, if you’re inspired to become a JavaScript web developer, there is almost certainly a JavaScript meet-up in your area. Or join use at one of our community events, where you can discuss your goals with others, tell them what you’re working on and what you’re having trouble with. You’ll learn a lot from these events, and often in ways that are hard to duplicate virtually.

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Celebrate Your Awesomeness!

No matter how great your cohort is or how many events you attend, as a Code Ninja you’ll spend most of your time in front of a computer. It’s easy to forget how much you’ve learned when nobody is there to show you. You must make it a habit to remind yourself. At the end of every day, you should celebrate your awesomeness! That is, think about what you learned, compared to the prior day. Think about the problem you’ve been having, and that you finally solved. Even though these may seem like small wins, celebrate them! Treat yourself to a beer, order a pizza, or do something to spoil yourself for every little awesome win.

Celebrating your wins is as important as confronting your fears. If you focus too much on either, you’ll derail your progress. Develop a balanced mindset for both, and you’ll create momentum, and a grit to push you through problems.

Is a coding program right for you?

It certainly can be, but whether it does or not depends on your commitment, consistency, and discipline. The strategy outlined in this article will help you succeed in your journey to becoming a developer, but you have to embrace every part. If you feel these points speak to who you are, we challenge you to apply to our Code Ninja programs where we will provide you with the skills needed for one of the highest paying and most demanded career fields, at a fraction of the cost and time required at a traditional school.

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