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Coding Boot Camp for a Career Transition

Gone are the days of staying at a company for 30 years and retiring with the gold watch. If you were born after the 1990’s you might not understand the reference. No longer are we company men and women. We start careers, build up our skills and then look for new opportunities to continue to grow towards whatever career goals we’ve established. But what happens when you want to transition to a job outside your area of study? This is where attending a coding boot camp can come in handy.

First steps for a successful job transition are identifying which role you want to transition to, and obtaining the skills needed to be successful in that role. Once you have identified where you’re headed, now it’s time to get skilled. This is where coding boot camps like Code Ninja comes into play.

Coding boot camps offer hands on building of skills for the role that interests you. Many boot camps offer various levels of commitment and intensity. Part-time programs like Code Ninja’s four-week RAMP program provide an overview of a set of web development skills. Many part time programs offer skill building in specific programming languages. Immersion programs are more intense with a full-time commitment, as these courses can last 12-14 weeks long. You will leave an immersion program fully prepared, with concrete experience, ready to interview for a new role.

But why not just go back to college, you ask? Well, you can, but the time and financial investment may be more than you’re ready to take on. Traditional college degree programs often have a challenging time keeping up with the current trends and job market demands.

Whereas boot camp programs are designed to teach current and emerging market trending skills, so you are truly prepared to step into the job market and be successful in a new role. Coding boot camps also tend to better prepare students in web development. A Business Insider article breaks down how bootcamps actually better prepare people in web development. Traditional college degree programs give you expansive analytical and theoretical knowledge in computer science, but not necessarily the practical experience you need to be successful in the job market.

The technology industry moves so quickly these days, that computer science degrees simply can’t keep up with the pace of change. That’s where “bootcamp-style” courses come in:

Alice Bonasio, “Plugging the Digital Skills Gap”

Another great aspect of boot camp is the mentoring and job placement assistance offered with the different programs. Never under estimate the power of a well placed mentor.

Having one person to turn to, who has experience in your area of interest, who can provide real time advice is invaluable. That one person can answer questions if your having difficulty with a certain aspect of web development, or just be a listening ear to help you talk through ideas. A mentor can be a useful tool for truly accomplishing your goals while attending boot camp. A job placement mentor can be a true asset once you’ve finished your program, and are ready to find your dream job in web development. A mentor can help get in front of the people who are hiring for your desired position, which will ultimately lead you to the place you want to be. Code Ninja has developed relationships with companies looking for the skilled employees boot camps produce

There are boot camps that exist for many diverse types of skills, programming languages, learning types and positions. The key is finding the right boot camp for you.

Is a coding program right for you?

It certainly can be, but whether it does or not depends on your commitment, consistency, and discipline. The strategy outlined in this article will help you succeed in your journey to becoming a developer, but you have to embrace every part. If you feel these points speak to who you are, we challenge you to apply to our Code Ninja programs where we will provide you with the skills needed for one of the highest paying and most demanded career fields, at a fraction of the cost and time required at a traditional school.

JUMPST@RT was developed to help you get started on your path to learning to #CODELIKEANINJA

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Our online DOJO is a state of the art, online learning experience.

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