Code Ninja provides accelerated learning programs, which help inspired coders become awesome!

We offer a variety of programs to help individuals at every skill level excel in a career of software development. Start on your path to being able to







Was developed to help you get started on your path to learning to #CODELIKEANINJA

JUMPST@RT is just the beginning point of your software development career! After this program you will have a strong foundation for web development and is the prerequisite program for CODE NINJA RAMP.

Our online DOJO is a state of the art, online learning experience.

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COST: $999



RAMP program was created to help individuals acquire the skills they need to start a new career in software development.

RAMP is a 4 week, part-time programming course, designed for individuals who have completed JUMPST@RT or have some existing HTML & CSS knowledge.

Learn advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Agile methodologies and modern web sites design.

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COST: $15,500



Become a Junior Software Engineer in 12 Weeks!

You get a great start learning code in RAMP, but there is a lot more to it than just writing code. You will learn FULL-STACK developing, paired programing, team project delivery and project management best practices.

CODE NINJA's IMMERSION program is the ONLY program that provides industry certifications for the technologies that you learn.

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Pay with Bitcoin Code Nina

Code Ninja now accepts Bitcoin for Coding Programs

in Code Ninja - Career Advice

Code Ninja is the first coding bootcamp to accept bitcoin / cryptocurrency. Now you can pay for your coding programs with digital cryptocurrency – starting today, we’re accepting bitcoin at Code Ninja.

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Software Development Careers

Types of Software Development Jobs

in Code Ninja - Career Advice

Have you ever wondered what's possible as a software developer? Do you see it just as programming for web? In fact, that's quite far from the truth. Software development spans devices, platforms and form factors well beyond the web.

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Coding Boot camp for a Career Transition

in Code Ninja - Career Advice

Gone are the days of staying at a company for 30 years and retiring with the gold watch.

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Guide To Paying for Your Coding Program

in Code Ninja

After being accepted to be a part of a Code Ninja program, we understand that the next big question on your minds is “How do I finance my program?” How to pay for coding bootcamp is a really important, individual choice that should have thoughtful consideration and research.

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Coding School is not just for Millennials

in Code Ninja - Career Advice

In this new digital area, some Gen-Xs with résumés that used to be considered impressive (i.e., long) face an uncertain career future. But a number of these Generation Xers have found a solution to simply make a change to an unsatisfying careers: They're enrolling in coding bootcamps to learn how to code and start a new career path.

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6 Tips for Succeeding in a Coding Bootcamp

in Code Ninja

Code Ninja accelerated coding programs offer a lot of benefits over traditional learning — we will provide you with the skills needed for one of the highest paid careers, at a reduced cost, and faster than a traditional school.

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